Renn Fayre

I won’t be posting for the next few days as I will be in Portland, OR for Renn Fayre.

This will be my first time back since I graduated and I am greatly looking forward to seeing people. 

I ran Renn Fayre with Mike and Tamara last year and I really wish Tamara could make it out this year.  However, I am sure South Korea is cooler than even Renn Fayre.

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Evan Petrie - I just wanted to say that I still think this is a really beautiful photograph of you and your Renn Fayre co-conspirators. Black and white rules!

gemma - Thanks. I believe that Ben Dupree, one of the Quest (Reed’s newspaper) editors took that of us. It was in the Renn Fayre issue of the Quest that he helped put together. I thought it was a great one too. I love the heavy contrast.

keiko - Gemma, I totally agree with Evan, the photo is really lovely and sweet.

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