Goodbye Garden

Since John and I have left Chicago and our garden will look substantially different when we return in February, I wanted to publicly thank it for turning it’s back on the drought and producing tasty things. Also, thanks to Ben Spicer for sharing his plot with John and I. I learned a lot about gardening and I now hope to have garden space wherever I live next.

We are in Paris at the moment.  I have had no luck finding a way to get pictures up.  Thanks for your patience.  I have so much I want to post!

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J - hmmm, paris, you lucky lucky thing…can’t wait to read all about your food adventures!

molly - i ate your tomatoes! thank you for your gardening. we had such great adventures bbqing this summer… and i certainly got to eat the fruits of your labor!
we miss you

gemma - Yeah! I’m glad someone ate the rest of the tomatoes. It made me sad to think of them rotting away. I miss our bbqs and I miss you too. Lots of love. . .

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