My mother gave me a sweet little cookbook when I was home a few weekends ago entitled Pancakes and Waffles by Kate Habershon. In thanks I took her waffle iron to begin experimenting.

This morning, in order to coax myself out of bed, I decided to make crumpets using Habershon’s recipe. I have made crumpets in the past using various recipes which have produced crumpets with a varying degree of integrity. While this is not my favorite recipe, it did make a perfectly acceptable crumpet.

Crumpets are best warm, right off the griddle, and rubbed with butter so it fills the tiny pores. However, one of the many lovely things about crumpets is that they can be nicely revived in a toaster to enjoy at a later time as well.

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Lyn - I have never been able to make crumpets and have tried many times. Yours look fantastic. I’m so jealous. You have inspired me to give it another go!

gemma - Oh you should Lyn! I was so pleased when I first learned how to make them. Very tasty, and they don’t have to rise too long so they are nice for weekend mornings when you can get up to start the dough, jump in the shower, and come back to them being almost ready to bake.
As I said, this wasn’t my favorite recipe. I will try to make some more soon and post some pictures using one of the better recipes.

Molly - I love a good crumpet, Gemma, and those look pretty outstanding! We have a wonderful crumpet bakery here in Seattle, but I’d love to try making them on my own. If you find a recipe that you think is worthy of sharing, pretty please do so…

keiko - Gemma – I didn’t know crumpets were common in the States, yours look so delicious! (It reminded me of a short film called Harvie Krumpet – it was so sweet)

tara - I have a deep and profound love for a good crumpet – hot and fresh, dripping with butter. When I was a little one, that meant peanut butter :) Though I English Muffins have their place with their toasty crenulations, there is something about the smooth crevices of a crumpet that has my heart!

gemma - Oh! Thank you all for the kind words. I do love crumpets.
Molly, I will definitely get you a good crumpet recipe. This weekend I will hopeful have the time to experiment a bit and remember exactly which one gave me the best results.
Keiko, crumpets aren’t that common here (I don’t think I have ever seen then for sale in a Chicago bakery) but they can be found at the supermarkets (though these aren’t as good) or at certain bakeries in other parts of the country.
Tara, I am with you on that. English muffins are good, but given the choice between the two, I would be all over the crumpets. There is something about their silky density and the crevices holding onto the butter rather than absorbing. So good!

Steve - Gemma I am a Chicago resident looking for a local source of crumpets which I currently bring back from Canada – can you recommend a supermarket in chicagoland that sells them?
Many thanks
Steve David

Dr.ScottTrot - I have 3 balls. But anyway, I’m looking for a crumpet recipe and can’t seem to find one anywhere on the web, last night I looked for around 5hours just looking. But all the recipies include some strange ingredient called milk, but I want to know what this substance is, and where I can buy it. I want to make crumpets!

Melanie - Please, those are the best looking crumpets that I have seen home made ever! I have tried a couple of different off-the-net recipes but they all come out like English muffins. Could the author please post a nice crumpet recipe so the rest of the world can enjoy those Crumpets!! From Melanie in Sydney, Australia.

Francesca - very interesting and new this recipe for me. I want to try!

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