Contest! -apricot sheets

These Cortas Kamar-Deen Apricot Sheets (1 lb 2 oz. Apricots, glucose, sugar, olive oil.) were part of our Devon loot. 

I have been debating what to do with them for a bit now and I thought I would open up the issue for suggestions.  Please email your suggestions to me at and the winner will get to see their suggestion put into action on the this site and I will send you some small, inexpensive, and hopefully unique culinary good from Chicago.

All submissions should be in by March 10th. Two weeks from today.

Thanks for the advice!

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gemma - Alright, so no one submitted anything except for my friend Mindy (I greatly appreciate her participation). We plan to make both of our ideas this week and see if they work. They will be a secret until then.
Feel free to submit something up until we post our results. It will be more fun that way.
If no one submits, it looks like Mindy is the dead-ringer for the winning spot and THE PRIZE (which has yet to be chosen).

gemma - Some unfortunate news. I was all set to unveil my apricot sheet creation a few nights ago and when I opened the package I quickly saw that by ‘sheets’ they meant ‘sheet’–singular. So it’s just one big piece of dried apricot. I was highly disappointed.
The new plan is to use it in some sort of roll cookie, unless you folks can think of something better.
If you are curious, these were the two main ideas:
Me: make the custard for a creme brulee and use a thin sheet of apricot in place of the sugar to carmelize.
Mindy: fruit and cream cheese/mascarpone inside fried apricot wontons.
Oh well. . .

Sonja - You could use the apricot fruit leather in the following ways:
Chop in a food processor and use the chips atop cereal, ice cream, pudding and yogurt.
Roll in a cone shape and top with ice cream.
Spread with sweetened, flavored cream cheese and nuts. Roll and cut into slices.
Dissolve a portion in a cup of boiling water for a fruit tea. Essentially reconstituted apricot juice served warm or cold over ice.
Use as a craft material for all the fun food kid’s projects you can dream up for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Turkey feathers, cut into fringe, mosaics of multi-colored fruit leathers, gingerbread house decorations, etc.
Last, and best: Apricot Ravioli

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