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Farmer’s Markets

I missed the first day at Federal Plaza on Tuesday, but I did manage to wander over to the opening of the Daley Plaza Farmer’s Market today.  These markets are a welcome change from the otherwise uninspiring loop lunch options.  Today I enjoyed the live music and came away with a basil plant and a […]

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ellen - last night i went to the logan square farmers market volunteer meeting. i’m sure they could use more helpers, so sign up!

debbie - hey! when did you move to logan square? i don’t know if its the same thing but there is a little community garden on sacramento, a teeny ways south from logan.

Gemma - Hi Debbie!
I moved to Logan Square last August. What is the cross street? This is exciting. Do you have a plot there?

Amanda Maurer - Hi!
I’ve been looking for food blogs and foodies – and I thought you might be interested to know that The Stew, one of the Chicago Tribune’s blogs, is hosting its first live web video chat today! The two hosts are looking for questions, so if you would like to ask a food/restaurant related question, post it as a comment here:
Recently, the hosts visited the National Restaurant Association Show – so they also plan on talking about things they found and saw there.
The chat is scheduled for 2 p.m., so make sure you post your questions soon!

Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewery

Saturday morning Nick and I rose bright and early and took the red line to Garfield where Ben and Paul met us.  Coffee and delicious Medici baked goods in hand, we drove to the Three Floyds brewery in Munster, Indiana.  We arrived around 10:30 to find the parking lot full of some of the best […]

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evan - Wow, that beer sounds awesome!
I looked it up on and they have it marked as the #1 beer brewed in America and the #2 beer in the world. It also has the abv at 13%.

Jen - this posting is making me drool. starelpramen is good and all, but i miss microbrews so much.

kris - so im guessing you aren’t going to trade these

Avocado and Black Bean Tacos with Homemade Tortillas

Saturday afternoon Nick and I met some friends to map out the 2007 CUDGEL urban golf route.  We are holding the event Sunday, May 27th (the day before Memorial Day).  Check out our soon to be updated CUDGEL webpage and Myspace page for more details and to sign up.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so […]

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evan - Gemma that first photo of the taco is really quite stunning. Eating something so colorful must be fun!

Lizzy - I have always had a difficult time getting my tortillas to turn out. I will have to try your recipe and get a tortilla press!

Juno888 - I like that mixing of rice so yummy. i like that making more ingredients very interesting.

Liz - Is it possible to make whole wheat tortillas?

Gemma - That’s a good question. I’m not sure how they would fare being fried, but yes, you could make them using any kind of all-purpose or wheat flour.

Next generation star trek - I love your blog so much, and there are just some differences with others’. Hope there will be more wonderful things in your blog. Happy every day!

Limoncello, Frittata, Cookbook Expo, Hervé This, John Vanderslice, Twin Peaks, Bloomingdale Trail and Gnocchi

Last night I visited my friend Ellen.  She lives a matter of blocks from me, yet somehow it was the first time I had managed to take her up on an invitation.  I concocted a new cocktail for the occasion.  A few years ago Hospitality Club provided my roommates and I the opportunity to host […]

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Alanna - So, um, what’ll happen to the copy of Heidi’s book that’s on order??!! I’m still waiting … waiting … WAITING … : -)

ellen - found it. bought some limoncello. had a reprise with gnocci and spring salad last night. thanks for stopping by!

Caroline - We just finished making our own Limoncello! Thanks for the idea for a new way to enjoy it.

Liz - Could give a recipe for the gnocchi and sauce? That’s one my favorite meals but have never had the courage to try to make it.

Dinner with a Food Blogger and Mark Bittman’s No Knead Bread

I recently had the opportunity to dine with a lovely fellow food blogger, Alanna from A Veggie Venture.   Alanna was in Chicago on business and we decided to meet at a restaurant near her hotel, the Basil Leaf Café.  The restaurant was quiet and the food was quite good.  I ordered the Butternut Squash Ravioli […]

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Alanna - Hi Gemma, So it’s great, yes?? I think it’s misnamed however. It should be the Best Crust Ever Made in a Home Oven, So Good You’d Be Happy to Knead It But La, No Kneading Required.
I equally enjoyed dinner – it’s still so amazing to me, that thanks to the food blogging community where we can have so many ‘friends’ in common, we meet someone new and it’s a fast path to friendship!
See you in July, BlogHer, yes?!

Glenna - I can’t believe I missed this! Looks great!