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Bruschetta with Impressive Wilted Greens

Our garden has recently produced some beautiful tomatoes. Just before we packed up our kitchen I made John and I some bruschetta using a recipe from a cookbook that my brother edited at Grinnell College. The book, Fantasia of Flavors, was named after the food house my brother lived in last year at school. I […]

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tanvi - Oh I love the use of almonds in bruschetta- I would have never thought of that, but the crunch must be great. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

Don Kasak - I have to ask–when did your brother graduate from Grinnell? My fiancée, Laura, graduated in 2003.

J - hi, what gorgeous looking bruschetta…the combination sounds awesome, thanks for sharing the recipe…

evan petrie - your additions to the recipe sound great! i bet it tasted very good with such fresh ingredients. i really appreciate the farmers market in grinnell, it is such a great source for produce fresh off small local farms.
as to don’s question, i am currently a junior at grinnell and will graduate in 2007, so i probably never met your fiancée, but that is very cool that she is a grinnellian. tell her i say hi!
take care!

gemma - Tanvi, I really liked the addition of almonds to the bruschetta, especially warmed right out of the oven.
Thanks J and thanks Evan. I have to say that I do miss the quality of Iowan farmer’s markets.

Hot Sauce

We are growing several varieties of hot peppers in our garden and they have just started to ripen this past week. John decided we should try to make hot sauce and he did a bit of research on the subject. The method is basically to steep the peppers and a few other ingredients in a […]

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J - wow, your very own hot sauce from your very own peppers…wonderful post, as always…

Melissa - well done! There is nothing better than homemade hot sauce, even better with your own peppers! During my last trip I had a drink made with beer, homemade hot sauce, lime juice and lots of black pepper. Holy smokes! That is exactly what came out of my ears :) I asked the bartender for the recipe and she said they do not measure anything, it is up to them!

michele - Hi Gemma, how satisfying to make hot sauce from your own home grown peppers. I like the recipe, it seems fairly straightforward, I might actually have to give it a try! With store-bought peppers of course. The finished product looks great!

Joe @ Culinary in the Desert - I would of never thought to make our own hot sauce when we grew peppers! Great idea!

kris - Caribbean Hot Sauce
Hot peppers
Garlic cloves
Culantro (sometimes called Recao you can skip this but i love it)
Blend it all with a tiny bit of water and lemon juice.
I keep mind in the refrigerator but most dont.

kris - mine*

gemma - Thanks J!
Melissa, oh my! I read your description of this drink to John and it we decided we will have to try to concoct our own one day, it sounds like a pretty serious beverage!
Thanks Michele. This was my first introduction to making hot sauce and I too was surprised how straight-forward it was. There is so much room for substitutions and additions as well. Good luck and let me know how it works if you try it!
Thanks Joe, maybe you can toss a few seeds in the ground next year if you still have the space, they look so pretty and bright as they ripen. They were a real pleasure to have this year.
Thanks for the recipe kris, I will keep that in mind next time we have a go at it.

IMBB #18: Fried Eggplant

Linda from At Our Table is hosting this month’s IMBB and the theme is “Summer’s Flying, Let’s Get Frying!” Our garden produced a lovely little eggplant this past week and I decided that this event would be the perfect excuse to use it. Peel the eggplant and cut it into rounds. Then sprinkle each side […]

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tanvi - what a way to eat vegetables! it looks delicious, and i love that its all from your garden :-)

Zarah Maria - Lovely!

joey - Very nice and yummy sounding! I love eggplants and am always happy to find another way to eat them :-) I envy you your own-garden eggplant!

tara - My dear S hates eggplant, so I have found a similar method that he wil condescend to eat. Before the coating process, take two pieces of eggplant, sandwich around a tiny piece of cheese (mozzarella is good). There should be a boarder around the cheese, so that it doesn’t melt out. Then I procceed as above, giving them a bit of a chill in the fridge before frying. Crispy, succulent eggplant, with a gooey centre. Lovely. Truth be told though yours, without the cheese, looks more divine then I have ever made and I would happily much up a plate!

Sera F - Gemma…I am so proud of you and jealous all at the same time!!! EUROPE and ASIA!!!!!!!!! Good for you! Will you be posting? School starts back up for me on Sept. 6th. So happy for you…do you have any desire to work in the culinary field? thankyou for the great posts and pictures. I am still trying to get my blog updated, but it will take awhile. Take care, have fun, and the best of luck to you and John. Be safe!

gemma - Thanks tanvi, zarah and joey!
Tara, oh my how do I love cheese!? Next time it will have to be involved!
Thanks Sera, I will be posting! Most likely between this site when it is food related, and another Typepad webpage when with an obvious link when it is otherwise. I have a desire to work in the culinary field, though I feel that it might be fundamentally different from my desire to make things from scratch and by hand. I don’t mean to say that doing different is wrong, but for myself I can’t imagine using a bunch of machines to make bread (or something else) that I feel might be better and more fun to make without. I really hope you get to spend more time with your blog soon (and that you can borrow a digital camera to use to document your wonderful exploits!). I look forward to reading it!

bakeD - I don’t like eggplant at all but the pictures look so good that I might have to give it a try.

gemma - Hi bakeD, it actually took me quite a while to come around to eggplant. I still have a hard time with the taste when it is grilled with the skin on or something. It has been nice to learn to cook with it because then I can control some important factors, such as making sure the skin is removed before it cooks and, really, what isn’t made more delicious when fried?! Let me know if you do give it a try, I would be curious to see what you think. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice words!

Nupur - Oh my, that look so tempting! Kind-of a deconstructed eggplant parmesan!

gemma - Hehe, you’re right Nupur, I hadn’t thought of that but it kind of is.

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La Petite Crêperie

Last Saturday John and I went out to see my parents in Woodstock and attend a concert at the Opera House. Before we headed back to the city the next morning we all ate breakfast at a new restaurant on the square, La Petite Crêperie. Located on the Woodstock square, this tiny French restaurant was […]

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Joe @ Culinary in the Desert - That looks like such a fun shop – thanks for sharing!

Randi - we’re only about 60 miles from woodstock. The food looks great, unlike anything Ive seen in London.

gemma - Thanks Joe, it is a fun place. It is always nice to have some nice and new restaurants in the small town that I grew up in.
Randi, if you ever pass through by chance, feel free to drop me an email and I will give you some more suggestions for the area. They are few, but there are some quality establishments that are worth a try.

HANESSE - Bonjour j’aimerai faire un petit message à GERARD SAVOIR SI GERARD EST BIEN ARRIVER VOIR SI TOUT VA BIEN BISOUS à vous tous MARIE JO jean marc est à l’hopital il se fait opérer demain
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Bonnie’s Chocolate Zucchini Cucumber Muffins

I decided to use more of the chocolate that Patrick sent me in a batch of Bonnie’s Chocolate Zucchini Muffins. After mixing up the dry ingredients I began grating the zucchini for the wet ingredients. Lo and behold I found myself grating a cucumber. My friend Jane recently moved to Chicago and with her she […]

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Nic - What a useful substitution! I don’t grow zucchini anymore since they’re a rather agressive presence in the garden, but my cucumbers have been getting huge this year. I’ll have to give this a shot.

J - hi gemma, what a terrific idea – am sure they must have turned out really moist and lovely…glad new camera working out for you – pictures look great! cheers,j

Joe @ Culinary in the Desert - Thats an interesting sub! I would have probably done it too just to try it. Anything with chocolate has to be good though right? =)

Chanit - I love your site !!
thanks, Chanit from Israel :-)

gemma - Thank you! Yes, give it a go with the cucumber if you find yourself without zucchini and still want to have the chocolately goodness of a baked good with some sort of vegetable.
Thanks J, I am loving my new camera. I had become so attached that it was as if I had lost a limb after it was stolen.
Thank you Chanit, I am going to check out your site.

Ally Graves - You suck and i dislike your site very much. why the hell wouldny you put a fucking recipe on it??? We dont want fucking pictures we want fucking recipes..

mindy - Ally,
If you follow the links Gemma provided you can easily find the recipe.
I believe the only change is that Gemma has used cucumber instead of zuchini.
Way to throw some hostility out into the world, though. Very nice.
Lovely weekends all,

gemma - Hi Ally. If you ‘dislike my site very much’ you should not visit it. I bake because I find it soothing and somewhat cathartic. I hope you can turn your anger into some delicious muffins that will make your day brighter.
Thanks Mindy. You are correct, the cucumber subsitution was the only change I made to the original recipe.