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Gemma: Breadsmith Bakery

breadsmith Originally uploaded by dumin. Two weekends ago Harold and I, accompanied by our friend Paul, visited the Breadsmith Bakery at 1710 N. Wells in Chicago. As you can see from the link, Breadsmith is a chain located throughout the Midwest. The bakery we went to is located in the upscale neighborhood of Old Town […]

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Too Many Chefs - Posts of the Week

A. Delicious Days from Munich makes a heck of a debut this week with a photographic summarization of the recipe for Mozartkugeln. They seem simple enough for even a klutz like me to make. The post also includes some beautiful pictures of Spring in Mun…

French Sheep’s Brie

I went to Fox & Obel today after work to look around and to ideally purchase some black truffle oil. I unfortunately found the the store to be super over-priced and not very unique. The black truffle oil was very expensive. I will have to order it online instead. I didn’t leave empty handed of […]

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The Food Whore - There is nothing better than a fabulous brie. I will have to look for this one!
Your site is wonderful – I envy your baking skills.
Cooking I can do – Baking – eh, not so much.

gemma - Why thank you Food Whore (it feels quite odd to address someone like that, heh).
I enjoy your site quite a bit. I have taken to reading it when I get into the office each morning. Your humor brightens the uneventful days in this tall tower. (and it also reminds me that working in the food industry is not all sweet and savory).

banana muffins (IMBB13)

John and I went to Trader Joe’s this morning and bought $lots$ of delicious stuff. Upon our return home some major kitchen reorganization was in order. While cleaning out our freezer we noticed a bulk of frozen over-ripe bananas. I used Clotide’s Banana Pecan Muffin recipe—with 2 little changes. I omitted the pecans because I […]

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santos. - those are the most perfect looking muffins i have ever seen.

gemma - Oh my, Santos! That is one of the nicest things someone has said to me. Thank you. You made my morning.

Vegetable Stir-Fry

Our house has very little food in it at the moment. We are making a much needed Trader Joe’s run tomorrow, but for tonight we had little to work with. We decided to make a stir-fry after noticing a bag of frozen vegetables in the freezer. We put on the rice to cook and then […]

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dayzella - Wandered over here from Gapers’s = got a giggle from the “two gloves of garlic” – hee! Nice site, enjoyed my visit. Will be stopping by again ;) Good luck to you!

gemma - ah! Good catch. I feel compelled to leave that now. On first pass your comment had me very confused and with a mind full of very intriguing mental images.
Thanks for stopping by!

Irish Soda Bread

Last night I had two friends over for an early evening St. Patrick’s Day celebration while all the other roommates were out. I bought some vintage Dubliner cheddar, some Kerrygold butter, and served them with delicious Irish Soda Bread just out of the oven. (Harold brought the Guinness and whiskey). I used the recipe offered […]

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