Upcoming Chicago Area Food Event

I was recently informed about these delicious events:

Caveny Wine Dinners with Caveny Farms and Candid Wines.

"a celebration of sustainable food and wine featuring two of Chicago’s best chefs – Paul Virant of Vie and Michael Lachowitz of Michael.

    Vie – March 30th, 2006 – 7pm Western Springs, IL.  Call 708/246-2082 to reserve.

    Michael – April 6th, 2006 – 7pm Winnetka, IL.  Call 847/441-3100 to reserve.

    $125 per person, tax and gratuity included."

    You can also reserve at this website.

These events are quite outside of my price range, but perhaps some of you employed Chicagoans have a refined hunger and the billfold to back it this month.  Let me know how it is if you go!

For more information and menus please view the file below.

Download event.rtf

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Tana - Oh, this makes me ache with longing. I visited Chicago for a farming conference earlier this month, and it stole my heart. I love your city. (Ask Paul! Ask Vital Information! Ask the cab drivers I had! Ask the clerk at the Sheraton Towers, who put me on the 28th floor!)
Farms and wine and sustainable stuff. I’m all over that.
BTW, I’ll be adding some places to my Chefs and Farms map at Platial, making the jump from California, where I started, to Chicago. Everyone else can just wait!
: D

mindy - This week/weekend is also supposedly when the whiskey vendors come to Chicago. So many a local pub/bar may have free samples. If the rumor is true, it seems worth checking out.

gemma - I am glad you had such a great experience in Chicago Tana! There is a refreshing number of people involved in these wonderful movements here.

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