Semolina Crackers


It’s no secret that I love cheese.  While a good, crusty bread is typically my preferred accompaniment, I’ll occasionally find myself staring at four dollar cracker boxes wondering if the selection is worth the money.  Making my own always sounded like a good solution, but the various recipes I tried yielded unexciting results — until recently. 


Nick and I hosted a birthday party for our friend Harold a few weeks ago and I came upon Wild Yeast’s excellent cracker recipe just in time for the occasion. Susan’s recipe calls for some special equipment like a kitchen scale, pasta roller and a baking stone. 
I don’t own a pasta roller, so I decided to try my luck rolling the
dough out with my trusty french rolling pin. I was able to get the
sheets of dough very thin without much effort (just make sure your working surface and your pin are generously floured).  I will say that the
kitchen scale and the baking stone are important elements of the
recipe, however.

I only made one change to the recipe.  In lieu of sesame seeds I made one batch with freshly ground black pepper and one batch with caraway seeds.  I dusted both with coarse Kosher salt before baking. 

I agree with Susan, it will be a long time before I purchase packaged crackers again!

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Susan - Wow those are thin. You can obviously wrangle a rolling pin much better than I. I’m glad you like the recipe — your crackers are gorgeous and I especially like the sound of the cracked pepper.

kickpleat - i’m so tempted to try this! i have no baking stone, but i don’t think i’ll let that stop me. i’ve never made crackers and i’m sure they’re way better than anything you can buy in store.

Liz C - These look wonderful! I’ve had not-great luck with crackers in the past but I think the pasta roller & baking stone combo will solve my problems.

Joelen - They look so perfectly light and airy! Nice job!

Gemma - Thanks Susan. It is a great recipe and I am very grateful you posted it!
You should give it a try even without the baking stone kickpleat. I bet it would work just fine. Maybe throw a baking sheet in the oven to heat up first.
Thanks Joelen!

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