Sautéed Radishes with Nutritional Yeast

I’ve been feeling pretty anxious since returning to Chicago. I don’t know if it is restlessness, the frustration of trying to find fulfilling work, that the dynamics of my circle of friends feels a bit foreign, or hearing “plane crashes on Chicago expressway” over the radio just as my dad’s plane was getting into O’hare. Whatever it is, I feel apprehensive and melodramatic.

I am finishing up a long weekend at home, alone. My parents were in various parts of the country and I decided to come out to get my belongings in order and to spend some time with Eileen before she leaves for Mexico.

There is something restorative about this semi-rural town. There is an irreplaceable feeling I get driving down these long country roads, in the bright sunshine, with great music to push me one. Perhaps I just need to spend more time alone.

Here is a made-up recipe for one. The finished product is not very pretty, but it is tasty.

Sautéed Radishes with Nutritional Yeast

Clean and cut tops off 2 C of radishes. Quarter each and add to a skillet over medium heat in which you have melted a few tablespoons of butter and then added 1/3 C of water. Sauté until the water has evaporated and the radishes begin to brown. Season with freshly crushed black pepper and a liberal amount of large flake nutritional yeast. Enjoy warm.

Nutritional yeast can be found in most health food stores. It is a great substitute for salt and it adds a wonderfully savory flavor. It also is a great source of protein, B-complex vitamins, and folic acid–if you’re into that. (It is widely held to reduce stress too. I’ll let you know.)

DO NOT confuse nutritional yeast with baking/active yeast or you will be very unhappy.

This is one of those bizarre foods that I can’t get enough of. I know it doesn’t look, or likely even sound, delicious — but give it a try.

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