Morel Murshrooms

Last weekend John, Paul, Mindy, and Ken went up to Paul’s farm in Wisconsin to pit-roast a lamb and sample the home-brew Paul and John made most recently.  In addition to these culinary delights they also foraged for morels. Morel season has been upon us for a few weeks now, and thanks to a recent rain, my friends were able to find handfuls of these beautiful things.

They dined handsomely on them while at the farm, but were kind enough to bring some back to share with me.  The unctuous taste of the morel is subtle and full.  When preparing the morels it is important to remember to pair them with flavors what will not over-power their unique taste. 

To prepare:

Clean, trim, and chop the morels.
Melt a hearty amount of butter in a saucepan over medium heat.
When the butter begins to foam add the morels. 
Stir often.
Moisture will leach out of the morels.  Continue to cook until most has evaporated. 
The morels should cook just a few minutes in total.

Thus far we have enjoyed them on toast as well as in an omelet with dill Havarti cheese.

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sam - I just made a morel and asparagus bread and butter pudding for dinner tonight and it was delicious too. Shame they cost $34 a pound though!

tokyoastrogirl - I love mushrooms on toast, and morels undoubtedly would be a nice choice for some mushroom croistini. Thanks for the wonderful closeup photos!

John - $34 a pound fresh or dried? Maybe I should go into mushroom hunting…

Dianka - Oh my goodness… how jealous am I right now?! Morels are my favorite!! It sounds so delicious the way you prepared them!

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