IMBB #22: Rice Noodles in Beijing

We have arrived at our final destination before returning home –Beijing.  This city is full of friendly people, mind-boggling cultural sites, and of course– delicious food.  One restaurant that we have been to twice so far is Chuannriver Restaurant.

I will post one day soon about the extent of our meals at this establishment.  Though, for now I will simply post about our Sichuan Style Rice Noodle dish in the spirit of IMBB, which I have been a lousy participant in of late.  But how could I be in China and not submit an entry to the noodle theme?

These noodles were not as spicy as we thought the double chili pepper image on the menu might entail, but they had a bit of a kick.  They had a very strange texture, though that is not to say they weren’t delicious.  The noodles were served cool, seasoned with a wonderful combination of spices, and bathed in a savory broth.  They were also beautifully garnished with spring onions and minced garlic.

If you are ever near the main Beijing railway station and looking for a bite to eat, I would heartily recommend this restaurant.

Thanks to Cooking with Amy for hosting this event!

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genevieve - i love reading about your food adventures. here’s a hint if you haven’t heard already – do not go to quanjude for peking duck! it’s for tourists and no good…ask around for a real place. good peking duck can be REALLY good. :)

Hayley - So… what’s a girl got to do to get a hint of your trans-Manchurian rail adventure? I’m a sucker for good food, but almost as big a sucker for train travel.

gemma - Hi genevieve,
Thanks for the advice. My boyfriend has been seeking out some peking duck and I had heard that place mentioned. We will look elsewhere.
Hi Hayley,
I am so behind with posting! I will eventually post about the Trans-Manchurian, but first I have to post about Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland. . .etc. . . I broke in about Beijing in order to participate in IMBB. If I have the chance I will try to put up some pictures and a brief description on my travel page in the next few days. Thanks for your interest, I will do my best!

boo_licious - Your adventures sound great – glad you are having such a fantastic time. I must admit I’ve not eaten Sichuan noodles but these sound really nice although not spicy enough as everyone associates Sichuan food with lots and lots of chillies.

J - hi gemma, great post and imbb entry!it sounds like you had a truly fabulous time…

gemma - Hi boo and J,
Thanks, we did have an amazing trip. So fleeting though! These noodles were so interesting, I just had to post about them. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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Dee in Beijing - I love that dish ! Do also try noodles made from beans and also from sweet potato – both look white/clear like rice noodles.

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