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Homemade Gifts 1

Homemade gifts are a nice touch during the holidays.  Last year I started a bit early in the season and made vanilla extract, infused vodkas and peppermint patty candies. But homemade gifts don't need to be time consuming.  Two of my favorite quick projects are lemon and olive oil hand scrub and vanilla coffee syrup.  Not only are the ingredients inexpensive for these two projects, but many of you will likely already have them on hand.

I whipped up a batch of each in less than 20 minutes on Saturday and packaged them in decorative glass jars — but old jam jars would would work just as well. I like to keep a few of these under the tree to pair with fresh baked cookies for a quick host or hostess gift during the holiday party season.

I'm always on the look-out for new gift ideas.  Feel free to leave other suggestions in the comments.

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Nishta - thanks so much for posting these, Gemma! I was looking for something else (preferably quick & easy) to round out my holiday packages, and this is just perfect.
a friend dropped off some neighbor-grown Meyer lemons & we have all the other ingredients, plus loads of jars to use. I’m also going to throw in some fresh rosemary since we have a ton growing in the yard.
you always pick things that are spot-on. happy holidays!

Gemma - You’re welcome Nishta. Meyer lemons would make the hand scrub extra special — and rosemary — what a great idea!
Happy holidays to you too!

Nic Jones - I’m so happy I came across your site. I’m a big fan of homemade gifts especially now it’s the holiday season, I’m thinking of giving homemade gifts and I’m glad I read your blog. Thanks for this post and keep up the good work.

Gemma - Thanks Nic! I agree, I think handmade gifts are a wonderful way to spread holiday cheer without participating in the often extreme holiday consumerism. (Great site, by the way!)

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