Easter Recipes

I'll be spending Easter with my family this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park at our beautiful local Opera House with my mother, going for a long run on low-traffic rural roads, meeting the new baby my cousin and his wife recently added to the family, and spending time with my paternal grandparents who just returned from their winter sojourn in California. And all this will take place before Easter Sunday.  

Growing up, Easter was the big holiday that my family hosted.  We are light on culinary traditions, but the house was always full of family and well-hidden Easter baskets. Our numbers have dwindled over the years as people move away or add to their own families.  This year we are having a small group and my mother is hoping no one fusses too much over the food. She has the menu mapped out, but I may still try to sneak one or two of my favorite recipes into the spread. How does one best travel by train with a popover pan?

For those of you planning your holiday table, here are a few recipe ideas that may complement your main course.

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Jen C - That tsoureki is my favorite thing ever. I go back and look at the picture in the original post more than I would like to admit. One day, I will have the courage to bake it.

Peter - I’m glad you’ve got the Greek Easter bread. I only hope mine will look as nice as yours.

Kaitlyn - What great recipe ideas! The beet, arugula and goat cheese crostini looks like a great side!

Gemma - That’s sweet Jen. I bet you’d make a stellar loaf!
From the photos I saw, yours looked great Peter. Well done. (Assuming this is the Peter I think it is.)
Thanks Kaitlyn!

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