Chicago Botanic Gardens


Last Friday Nick and I both took the day off from work and traveled north to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. We took the Metra Union Pacific North line to Braeside and walked about a mile down Lake Cook Road (there are sidewalks).  The area had a large cicada population which made the walk quite entertaining.

The gardens are truly stunning and we had the perfect weather to enjoy them.  Of particular note, we most enjoyed the Fruit & Vegetable, Japanese, Bonsai and English Walled gardens.  As we entered the Fruit & Vegetable garden a woman gave us a tiny potted zucchini plant to take home.  I am happy to say that the zucchini has sprouted and appears to be happy sharing the planter with our tomatoes and basil.

I highly recommend a trip to the gardens this summer for all of those that live in the area, especially those in Chicago proper.  It is a simple trip, and an inexpensive one too (they ask for donations, but there is no real entrance fee). 

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Debbie - That is so funny, Devin and I were up there just last Saturday and they were giving out free basil plants. I didn’t take one since I already have some basil growing and plus we went up there on bikes (probably will never do this again). I really liked the model railroad part too and all its weird ewok architecture.
And I would love to join you (and nick) for a dinner at either Kuma or Small Bar. I live pretty close to both on George and Francisco. Let me know the next time you go! Maybe I can get Devin to come too.

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