Birthdays and Broken Computers

Today is my 25th.  I had a lovely lunch at Lula Cafe with my mother, grandmother Schwab, and dearest friend Eileen.  This evening Nick and I are having dinner at the Green Zebra which I am very excited about returning to.  This will be a very delicious day indeed.

My apologies for not posting recently.  My computer isn’t letting me upload any photos.  So, while I have about 2 months worth of things to post about, it will be a bit before you can see the evidence.  I will hopefully have the issue resolved soon.

In the meantime here is a photo of my family last Christmas standing in Kraków’s Rynek Główny.  I love them very much.  Thanks for your care and patience these last 25 years.

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JL - Happy birthday! Wishing you good food and tasty bread always!

evan petrie - I miss you Gemma! I hope that you had a great day yesterday!
With love,

jwj - Happy birthday. I love reading about all the wonderful foods you enjoy, knowing I’ll never try any of them – my loss for sure.

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