Apples and Roosters


Ever since my parents brought home an Apple IIc Plus in the late 80’s, we’ve been serious fans of the company.  My brother even works for them now. So when the hard drive on my 2007 MacBook failed Monday night as I was uploading photos, it was comforting to know that, because I had recently backed up my data and the hardware was still under warranty, it would be a quick process to get it up and running again.  After a thirty minute Genius bar appointment at the Michigan Avenue store, I left with a new hard drive and an updated operating system.
It will take me a few more days to transfer all of my photos back to the computer and pick up editing were I left off, but I wanted to put up a quick post to remind all of you to back-up your data when you get home from work this evening.  I am so glad I recently did.
The lovely crepe you see in the photo is from the Rooster Cafe in St. Louis, Missouri.  My friends Matt and Diana were married in St. Louis this summer and while we were there we dined at this excellent restaurant every morning.  If you are ever in the city searching for brunch, I would highly suggest this establishment.

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Nishta - thank you for the reminder–I’m backing up my time machine now.

Amanda B - thanks for the reminder! I am backing up my work as I type right now :)

art - I learned the hard way. I thought Macs were somehow immune to crashing and failing. Two hard drives and one disc drive later I’m a backing-up machine!

tbillini - Yay, Apple! Yay, backup!
With OSX and Time Machine, there’s really no reason NOT to (back-up).
Thanks for the reminder!

Nupur - I’ve been meaning to go eat brunch at the Rooster Cafe for months- now that pictures makes me want to schedule it for this very weekend.

gemma - Glad to hear it Nishta, Amanda, art and tbillini! Thanks to my new OS, I can now join the legions of Time Machine users. Very happy about that.
Hi Nupur, I loved that place. I was only in St. Louis for a long weekend, but it was by far the best food I ate. I hope you enjoy it!

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