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Raw Corn & Cashew Chowder

Thank you to everyone for all of your kind words after I was robbed in December. I was especially moved that a few of you even offered to contribute to a new camera fund. I’m happy to say that I was finally able to replace my camera on my own, even though I am incredibly grateful […]

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Erin O'Brien - First of all, I’m SO happy you have a new camera! (Jerks.)
Second, it sounds like you’ve had a fabulous summer! And I hear things are going very, very well work-wise. I know you’re a very hard worker, determined, but even with that you’re incredibly lucky (but deserving!) to be doing what you enjoy.
Third, that chowder looks nothing short of delicious. YUM.

Alison - So glad to see you are back! This sounds perfect for hot summer days!

Sutapa - Hi,
I came across your blog through Orangette. I like it. But would prefer you increase the font size of the text.Its too small and I need to look hard at the screen. It will benefit the readers. Thanks.