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Buttermilk Dill Dressing

There are few things better than a salad dressed in homemade, creamy dressing to cool off a summer afternoon. The earthy flavors of dill combined with the subtle tartness buttermilk in this recipe make it the only dairy-based dressing I make with any frequency. This recipe was inspired by a restaurant here in Chicago called […]

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Nick - What about a salad dressed in slacks and a monocle?

bibliochef - I love the idea of a salad dressed in clasks and a monocle, but this dressing seems swell too

gemma - Thanks Nick. I love when my boyfriend heckles me on my website. xxoo
Thanks bibliochef. It is one of my favorite dressings.

Kaitlyn - Swim Cafe is in my neighborhood, but I’ve never had this dressing. I’m not a creamy dressing girl myself, but this does look delicious!

gemma - Living near Swim Cafe would be so nice!

Shannarae - My Goddess! This dressing is fantastic. I will never buy store-bought again. Thank you!

Gemma - Thanks for such a kind comment Shannaree, I’m so happy to hear that!

Laura - Ha! I was literally doing a search for “buttermilk dill dressing” to try and replicate the dill dressing at [my local cafe] Swim, which is my favorite dressing EVER, and I landed on your page! How funny. : )