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Homemade Potato Gnocchi

Pasta has always been a staple in my pantry.  Tossed with vegetables and garlic, drizzled with olive oil, and topped with any cheese I have on hand — it makes for an inexpensive and easy weeknight meal.  Nick, however, is not a fan.  As a result, our mutual appreciation for gnocchi has grown over the […]

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Hillary - Looks SO good! I need to make this in my future, my boyfriend loves gnocchi and I would love to make it from scratch.

Zarah Maria - Looks great – I’ve tried making gnocchi a couple times, always ending up with something not resembling gnocchi at all. I’ve never tried baking them though, will have to give it a go!

Caroline - pretty pretty pretty
That pasta photo is so nice.

Caroline - pretty pretty pretty
That pasta photo is so nice.

Forkable - Whenever I make gnochhi it always turns out slimy. Its always been a secret shame of mine that I can’t make this delicious dish. I use my ricer, but I’ve never tried baking. I’ve got to give this a try!

gemma - Thanks! I had similar experiences. I definitely recommend giving baking a go. It worked wonders for my final product. Hopefully it will for you too!

Jen C - Gemma, I found this amazing recipe for beet-root gnocchi on Palachinka about a year back ( I say recipe as though its more than just flour and beetroot, but its amazing. I am making it tonight. Your dill sauce inspired me. I thought you would like it.

Gemma - Thanks Jen! That sounds excellent.

potato - lovely blog, such a clean design. i will try your Gnocchi recipe soon – love the photos

Syrian Onion Bread

Today is World Bread Day. Kochtopf is hosting the third annual World Bread Day baking round up, and I made a batch to help celebrate.  In the spirit of the event, I decided to make something that I hadn’t tried before and from another part of the world.  I came across a version of this […]

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Happy Cook - Wow just delicious. I can imagine the wonderfum aorma from your kitchen

gemma - Hi HappyCook, you’re right, the aroma was excellent! Another reason to eat these small breads warm.

Lizzie - Mmm I really like the idea of fresh chopped mint. I’m definitely going to give this a try…thanks!

Susan/Wild Yeast - Really lovely flatbreads to celebrate World Bread Day! The mint and onion topping sounds like a winner.

MyKitchenInHalfCups - It’s so fun when flavors work! This bread looks wonderful.

zorra - I have to make these soon! They remind me bialy I recently made.
Thx for your participation in WBD’08.

gemma - Thanks everyone. It is always fun to try a new bread recipe, especially a unique one. And Zorra, your bialys look excellent. Thanks again for hosting!

school_dubl - With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.