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Vegetable Chili and Cornbread

We began our long weekend by making a big pot of vegetable chili and a loaf of cornbread to accompany it. The house smelled delicious and the food was hearty and satisfying.  (It also makes for a great lunch on the following days.) I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.  The Memorial Day Urban […]

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Aran - That looks hearty and healthy. I love cornbread, especially dipped into chili!

Amanda - Why is vegetable chili so comforting and hearty?! Add a dab of sour cream and it is probably the best thing ever. Thanks for reminding me about how easy it is to make it too.

Gemma - Hi Amanda and Aran,
It really is one of the easiest and most comforting foods. So delicious to embellish with cheese and sour cream as well!

3rd Annual Urban Golf Event

This post is bit off-topic, but those of you that live in Chicago are cordially invited to a little event that my friends and I put on each year: The third annual Chicago Urban Devils Golf Enthusiasts’ League (CUDGEL) Memorial Day weekend event will take place this Sunday, May 25th. Participation is limited to 50 […]

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Country Club Golf Store - Great idea! Very cool to play golf in the streets.

Country Club Golf Store - Great idea! Very cool to play golf in the streets.

myrtle beach golf - Very innovative indeed.

myrtle beach golf - Very innovative indeed.

Argo Georgian Bakery – Revisited

After reading about the Republic of Georgia in the "cooking vacations" portion of the May Gourmet Magazine, I couldn’t stop thinking about Argo Georgian Bakery.  I posted about my love of Argo over at Gapers Block on Friday and was lucky enough to make a trip up to Devon with Nick this afternoon.  I haven’t […]

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Amanda - I was waiting to try that cheesebread recipe from Gourmet. That photo is swoonworthy and the idea of cheese melted in with hot fresh bread is just so sinful!

Aran - I have never had it but just say bread and you catch my attention!

Toni - Funny, I live within walking distance and have never ventured inside. I will now, Thanks.

Evan Petrie - I’ve stopped in Argo a couple of times in the last two weeks and was delighted with the food and service both times. Highly recommended!

Sarah Burghardt - The Georgian Feast’s recipe involves refrigerating overnight. I’m much more a fan of the kind where you fry it, but definitely the Argo Georgian Bakery has AMAZING cheese bread.

Gemma - Amanda, it truly is the perfect match, to my mind.
Toni, I’m jealous! Though upon serious reflection, I think it is probably good that I can only visit infrequently.
Hi Aran, Evan, and Sarah!

Patti - Sounds delicious, I’ll definitely have to try Argo Georgian next time I’m down in the city.

gemma - Hi Patti, I absolutely love Argo. I hope you enjoy it when you visit. It is such a great little place and there is nothing else like it around. Your cupcakes look delicious by the way!

Warm Wild Rice Salad

I had quite a whirlwind weekend.  I was up at 6 am for marathon training on Saturday, met my mother at an Alzheimer’s convention near the airport, and then drove with her to attend the Visakha day festival in Woodstock. Sunday morning I had an appointment with my dentist, followed by brunch with my father’s […]

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rachel - This looks amazing!

Amanda - What a nice way to refuel. I agree with you, a big bowl of veggies and rice topped with cheese will perk you back up. Plus, the colors in this dish totally win you over.

Aran - That sounds so healthy and delicious… I love warm salads too.

Gemma - Thanks everyone! The colors did turn out nicely — and the light was just perfect for the photo.

Haley - We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email if interested. Thanks :)

Dark Lord Day

I have a post up over at Gapers Block about Dark Lord Day 2008. You can read about Dark Lord Day 2007 in my post from last year.  We opened up our first bottle last night and it was delicious.  While similar to the batch from 2007, this year it wasn’t as thick and had […]

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