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Kuma’s Corner

Last night Eileen, Nick and I went to Kuma’s Corner for dinner.  I just returned from a business trip to Baltimore (more on that in a future post) and Eileen is departing for a 20 day trip to Ireland, Spain and Morocco this evening.  After the insane storms in the afternoon that left many of […]

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jenz - I have heard great reviews about this place and will have to check it out. I have been enjoying your blog – keep up the great work!

twobitme - I’m obsessed with Kuma’s after a friend recommended it to us. We went that weekend and look for excuses to go back now. Friends visiting Chicago? Show ’em Kuma’s!
I wrote up our first visit there, where my girlfriend ordered the Pig Destroyer. She enjoyed it, if you can’t tell from the photos.

Debbie - kumas! i haven’t been there in so long. i loved it but for some reason my boyfriend hated it and now i must find some way to trick him into going. any ideas?

mary - In case you didn’t know, Labriola sells their bread (including the pretzel variety) at the Daley Plaza Farmers Market on Thursdays and at the Prudential Plaza Farmers Market on Tuesdays. Nice option for anyone who works in the Loop.

Hot Doug’s and Broken Bones

Last weekend Nick and I made plans to finally eat at Hot Doug’s together.  However, when I woke up that morning my right hand was twice it’s normal size.  I determined that I must have broken my wrist the night before when I tripped over the television that isn’t normally in the middle of our […]

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mindy - Mmm. That elk sausage looks tasty.
Sorry about your wrist. I hope it gets better.
I suppose it was wise not to put pictures of your enlarged hand next to pictures of the food. Still…

kickpleat - wow, your meal looks tasty…tho i’m not sure i’d be too keen on the celery soda!

SkippyMom - Ah…a TRUE foodie. I was impressed you went to eat first [your wrist must have hurt something awful] but your reasoning is sane. Sorry HMO’s suck so much that you got the “If it hurts in one week….if it doesn’t….” what bullstuffy….
Your food looks delish [great pics] but I love the previous post of Nicks burger with the egg… HEE!
Nice blog!

jane - You have got to be kidding! I fractured my wrist about a week after you did. Rather, my fifth metacarpal. I got mostly the same response, too.
And I, too, have been mitigating the pain by eating delicious food. In fact, I just stopped by to get some recipe ideas.
Hope your wrist is feeling better by now!

Jennifer - Those duck fat fries could cure anything.

Logan Square Farmer’s Market and the Chicago Honey Co-Op

Last weekend Nick, Jerry and I made it over to the opening day of the the Logan Square Farmer’s Market.  I was really excited for farm fresh eggs but alas, it will apparently be a few more weeks before they available.  However, we did buy some incredible unfiltered honey from the apiary I have been […]

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Terry B - Okay, get ready for a pile of justs:
Just found your blog. Excellent! and beautiful photography. I’ll be back.
Just moved into Logan Square and am loving it. Have you discovered Provenance yet?
Just went to the Farmer’s Market a couple of Sundays ago. Got some baby bok choy and a sense of neighborhood pride with the mere presence of the market. Nice.