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Blogger’s Choice Awards

I was nominated for best food blog!  It is probably clear to all that many of the other blogs nominated are far and away better than mine, but feel free to cast your vote for me if you so desire. Thanks!

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Evan - You are too modest! Your blog is awesome!

kasia - link?

Gemma - Just click on the button in the sidebar (to the right). It will take you there. Search for “probonobaker.”

Farmer’s Markets

I missed the first day at Federal Plaza on Tuesday, but I did manage to wander over to the opening of the Daley Plaza Farmer’s Market today.  These markets are a welcome change from the otherwise uninspiring loop lunch options.  Today I enjoyed the live music and came away with a basil plant and a […]

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ellen - last night i went to the logan square farmers market volunteer meeting. i’m sure they could use more helpers, so sign up!

debbie - hey! when did you move to logan square? i don’t know if its the same thing but there is a little community garden on sacramento, a teeny ways south from logan.

Gemma - Hi Debbie!
I moved to Logan Square last August. What is the cross street? This is exciting. Do you have a plot there?

Amanda Maurer - Hi!
I’ve been looking for food blogs and foodies – and I thought you might be interested to know that The Stew, one of the Chicago Tribune’s blogs, is hosting its first live web video chat today! The two hosts are looking for questions, so if you would like to ask a food/restaurant related question, post it as a comment here:
Recently, the hosts visited the National Restaurant Association Show – so they also plan on talking about things they found and saw there.
The chat is scheduled for 2 p.m., so make sure you post your questions soon!