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Sushi Night

My friend Emily invited over some Hyde Park ladies for a male-free evening of kirs and sushi prepared by the host herself (with a little help from the early arrivals, that is Mindy above.) Emily knows where to find some of the best fish in the city. My favorite rolls from the evening had eggplant […]

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kristina - i like the new layout. i love the sushi photos! :)

Tu Cong Van - sounds you had a good time and food looks great.

gemma - Thanks both of you!

Lise Sveen - I’d like to know the names of some fish sources in Chicago, please!

gemma - Hi Lise, she goes to Dirk’s Fish and Gourmet Shop on Clybourne.

Pam Zutell - Do you know where we can purchase the soda pop “Ting” that was so popular for 20 -30 years? It is bottled in the Waupaca, WI area, however, I cannot seem to find anyone who sells it for us to purchase. I would absolutly love hearing from someone who could let me know how to accuire this beverage sold in cases with returnable bottles. The soda is so good, less carbonation, less preseritives and takes like good old fashioned soda before everything was added to it. It would mean a great deal to us. Thank you.

gemma - Hi Pam. Do you live near Waupaca? If so you can go to the corner store in Rural that I mention in my post on Waupaca (you can find it here: I will email you this information too so I am sure you get it. Good luck. Ting is wonderful!

bonni - Hi,
You can also buy Ting at Cas Liquor in downtown Waupaca. I think it’s bottled in Shawano, Wisconsin.

Brian - You can also get Ting at a liquor store in Slinger on Hwy 175 accross from the post office


As you can see I have tweaked the site a bit. I may be doing so a bit more over the next few days as well. I would appreciate hearing about any problems viewers might have in different browsers. Thanks!

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Twice-Baked Potatoes with Vegetables

I had extra buttermilk on hand that I wanted to use up and I came up with this recipe to do so. Regular milk, sour cream, or yogurt could be subsituted if you don’t have buttermilk. I think any vegetables on hand would work well also. For this recipe I used broccoli rabe, the kernals […]

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Michelle - That potato looks delicious! I am going to have to try that one!

Gemma - Thanks Michelle!

Chiditarod Race and Food Drive

This past weekend my friends John, Jen, Ligaya, Ben, and I participated in the first Chiditarod, Chicago’s very own urban Iditarod.  Teams of five sign up to wildly steer their souped up shopping carts around Chicago, stop in at check-points, and race to the finish line. Our team, Snakes on a Plane, came in 8th […]

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Becca - what a great idea … never heard of these races before! Pittsburgh needs one …

gemma - Hi Becca,
I bet if you contacted one of the organizers they would be happy to give you some information about starting one out by you. All of the organizers that I met were very nice and excited. It was a lot of fun.

Snakes on a Blog - Hey, do you have more pictures of your cart? I’d love to do a link to your story/cart at
Let me know if you have any more pictures, I’d love to seem them.

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Goodbye Berghoff

It recently became apparent that Cindy of Food Migration and I had a bit in common. Namely, living in Chicago with our parents, unemployed, and newly returned from 6 months abroad. (And we both run food blogs of course.) Cindy emailed me and we made a plan to meet one another. I suggested that we […]

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cindym - Aww, what a nice post! It was great to meet you too and I hope we’ll see you again soon around the Windy City!

Stephen V Funk - Greetings fellow Berghoff lover!
There is a link to this post at The Berghoff Memorial Blog. If you would like it removed, please let me know.
The Berghoff Memorial Blog is a place to share stories and memories of this beloved eatery. The Berghoff may be gone, but it will never be forgotten.
Cheers and auf wiedersehen.

Hayley - Ha! You and Cindy have another thing in common – you’ve both been cyber-pinged by a certain pregnant foodie! I’m glad you both got to go and ring out the Berghoff in proper style… I’ll have time to meet up with you two some day, I swear! Maybe a post-baby trip to Hot Doug’s?

Danielle - Hey there! So, does your blog title mean that you’re a food-blogging lawyer, too? (I also have my B.A. in philosophy, and am an attorney who blogs about food, so I figured I just had to drop in and say hello.)

gemma - I had a great time too Cindy!
Hi Stephen, thanks for compiling the entries.
Hi Hayley, I would love to share some Chicago food with you and Cindy some day. I had no idea you were pregnant! Congratulations!
Hi Danille, sadly no. I was on the law-school track and was diverted by a combination of delicious food and unsavory law firm work. I am still planning to go to law school one, I just need to figure out how to get into the non-profit fields that I care about before dropping an ungodly ammount of money on school.
Great site! I am glad you pointed out our similarities!

Danielle - Thanks! Re: your next post: Snakes on a Plane! Yeah!

Qwendy - Hey, you two look like you might have been separated at birth, except for the height discrepancy! I met Cindy online too, and then in person at Pierre Herme in Paris. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I can’t wait to see what both of you gals do next!

gemma - Hi Qwendy,
We do look oddly similar there, she is a lovely lady so it is wonderful to be compared to her. It has been nice speaking with you over email the last few days!

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