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The Chicago Urban Devils Golf Enthusiasts’ League

Do you live in Chicago? If so you should consider signing up to play Urban golf. In the spirit of the wildly entertaining Chiditarod, which I posted about recently, we are planning to play urban golf. Urban golf, as we envision it at least, is all about getting together with a bunch of people you’ve […]

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Ivonne - If I’m ever visiting in Chicago I’ll have to come and watch a round!

gemma - It should be fun, I am looking forward to it.

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Anheuser-Busch Brewery

I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri with my mother recently to attend a family wedding.  We were lucky to have beautiful weather and ten of us decided to spend part of our Sunday at the Budweiser brewery.  I can’t claim to be a fan of any Anheuser-Busch product, except perhaps King Cobra, though it was […]

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Dianka - I’m not much into beer either but this really sounds interesting! Nice pictures!

gemma - Hi Dianka, yes it was very interesting. Thanks!

Terence - Terence

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Denny - I think the best part of the tour is the excellent and intresting people that you go on the tour with. Especially the author. The transportation vehicle was rather crowded but fun

Split-Peas on a Sleepy Day

I started my Monday at 3 am and showed up to a local bakery for training at 4 am.  I happily shaped loaves of ciabatta, foccacia, baguettes, rolls, bagels, and pretzels until 10 am when I sleepily rode my boyfriend’s bike home.  I have an odd situation, I am being trained for a job that […]

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mindy - looks yummy! can’t wait for those to be fresh garden vegetables in the soup.

kickpleat - mmmm, i’ve never thought to put radishes in soup!

Dianka - I love your new re-design, it looks great! I will definitely be saving this recipe for a rainy day =) Check my new food blog at:
PS: I noticed that you visited the Czech Republic while on your journey, let me know how you liked my home country!

lee - Why won’t they employ you?

melissa_cookingdiva - I want some of that great looking soup! :)

Ivonne - What a dream! I look forward to reading about the rest of your training … and even though it may not end in employment, it sounds like the experience will be well worth it.
Awesome soup!

gemma - I know! I can’t wait either Mindy.
Hi Kickpleat, I hadn’t either. I had so many at home that I thought I would throw them in. It adds a fantastic texture. I would definitely include them again.
Thanks Dianka, I appreciate it. Nice blog! Yes, I did visit the Czech Republic. We stayed in Brno for a while. It was beautiful!
Hi Lee, they don’t have room right now, but I am going to help them write some descriptions of their breads, so they wanted me to know how everything is made. It is sad, because I really enjoyed it there, but at least I got to spend those two weeks in there.
Hi Melissa, I wish I could share it with you!
Yes Ivonne, the experience was wonderful. I will post more about it soon. Thanks for the nice comment!


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Ready for Spring

I spent the day with my friends and fellow gardeners in our community garden.  We have 2 and a half plots this year which we have prepared for planting over the last few weeks.  Chicago has had a few perfect Spring days in the last 2 weeks, though every Chicagoan knows it could well snow […]

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keiko - I have to start planting soon too, love the new look of the site :)

gemma - Hi Keiko. Thanks! I think I am starting to get used to it. We have been spending a lot of time in the garden, I am so excited! We are growing some very interesting things this year. Good luck with your planning!

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Terence - Terence

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Menu Database

Perhaps I simply overlooked this resource in the past, however I was thrilled to stumble upon the Los Angeles Public Library Menu Collection today.  I am attending a murder mystery party this Saturday night set in a 1920s speakeasy and the guests were asked to bring a small dish.  This has opened up a multitude […]

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Ivonne - What a great resource! Thanks for sharing the link.
Let us know how the murder mystery dinner goes!

gemma - Your welcome Ivonne, I was pretty happy to find it. The murder mystery party went great. I was the murderer! It was a really fun night and everyone had fantastic costumes.