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Miso Soup and Miso Coleslaw Salad

After eating miso soup from small dehydrated packages for the last month or two I decided it was time to make my own.  Rather than go through my method I would like to defer you to Maki’s beautiful site and her thorough miso soup lesson. I paired the soup with a miso coleslaw salad.  This […]

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John - I love that first picture.

tanvi - Oooh that’s clever! Sounds wonderful. By the way, I’m excited about all the Chicago food links you have (just noticed)- I’m moving there in September, so I figure I should start my research now, heh

Dianka - What a great recipe and pairing, so light and refreshing!

May St. Café

My dearest friend Eileen recently returned from studying in Mexico.  We met for lunch at the May St. Café, a place I have been wanting to try for a year or two now.  I love Pilsen and this just added one more reason as to why.  The brightly colored exterior is impossible to miss if […]

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Dianka - Wow! Everything looks delicious! Now I have cravings for all of those entrees =)

mindy - When I lived in Pilsen, I often ate at the May St. Cafe. You’re right. Its certainly worth checking out. I’ve also had the Brie and Pear Quesadilla and remember in fondly.
I’m glad you made it out there. Its a chicago favorite that I haven’t enjoyed in a while. Maybe I’ll go there for lunch today…

amanda - both of these dishes look amazingly tasty. I have never seen a sandwich with fried plantains for the “bread”. I’m definately interest. Since i don’t think i’ll be able to find such a sandwich here (in san diego) i’ll have to get off my lazy butt and reproduce it for myself! Great blog!

tanvi - That sandwich is so cool! And it’s vegetarian? Wow, I have a feeling that May St Cafe is my kind of place (those pear and brie quesadillas sound wicked good, too!)

Yasmin - The plantain sandwich sounds fabulous! I’m tracking foodie blogs for out in LA and wonder if I could get my hands on one somewhere here…OR maybe I’ll have to knock off the idea…I imagine the plantain “bread” was like tostones? Made with greenish plantains?

Baked and Fried Stale Breads (IMBB #25)

IMBB#25 is hosted this month by An Obsession With Food.  Head over to the Is My Blog Burning? website to learn more about this and other food events.  Derrick chose the excellent theme of stale bread.  As a home bread baker and a bread addict, I tend to have a fair amount of the stuff […]

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kickpleat - this looks so much fancier than my dad’s breakfast standby of “egg in the hole”. i like it!

tanvi - Looks delicious! I’ve meaning to try toad in a hole, which is the Brit version of this. Whatever its called, I think its a great idea :-)

John - How did the baked one turn out? It looks pretty good.

Dianka - The perfect breakfast! Looks so good!

Derrick Schneider - Gemma,
Thanks for participating. You should also use it for the end of month egg on toast extravaganza :)

Terry - thanks for the Fried stale bread recipe. I used multigrain baguette slices, cut up some shrimp and green onions and drizzled leftover alfredo sauce over the whole thing. Yummy.

Potato Chips and Neiman Marcus

Saturday was John’s birthday as well as the night he and Erik unveiled the newest murder/mystery game: Church of Our Lady of Interplanetary Ascendence.  In keeping with the "church evening becomes dangerous cult bloodbath" vibe I decided to make some cookies to share. First I made a batch of potato chip cookies.  I used to […]

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mindy - As another creepy church elder, I didn’t get to eat or drink very much (until I started carrying around bottles of wine) but I did manage to snag a cookie or two when no one was looking. They were wonderful. Thanks Gemma!

kickpleat - oooh, i like that you used finely ground espresso beans instead of espresso powder. espresso powder is something i never have, but i’ve always got the beans!!

john - I wish I’d gotten to eat one. Sunday was my birthday.

Dianka - Oh yum, these look so good. Wish I could have one now!

gemma - Thanks for the nice comments Mindy, and more importantly thank you for helping to plan such a great night.

gemma - Hi Kickpleat, I actually prefer the beans. It gives it a better taste in my opinion (and I never have the powder either.)
Yes, sorry. . . I knew that John.
Thanks Dianka.

Chloe - I love the colorful chocolate you put in there. That gives me some good ideas for the leftover chocolate that is not being eaten at my house!!

Potato and Cheddar Biscuits

Yesterday I woke up early and walked to the bakery where I was trained these last few weeks.  It appears that I will be starting to work on the sales side of the operation tomorrow, with the likely possibility of being able to fill in for people in the bakery proper when need be.  I […]

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genevieve - I really like the look of those. Very creative~!

Ivonne - Unbelievable! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

mumu - i cannot resist potato anything. yums!

kickpleat - wow, looks simple and delicious!

debs - that looks insanely good! i will try this for sure!

Rachel - I made these today. They were really good. I didn’t use any poppy seeds as we don’t own them and I didn’t want to go to the store to buy them. Thanks!

roger - I was inspired by your biscuits and needed to empty out my refrigerator, so I made purple potato scones!

gemma - Thanks genevieve and Ivonne, they turned out very well.
I am a sucker for potatoes too mumu, well anything starchy I supppose.
Yes, kickpleat, they were simple. A great way to get your hands dirty in the kitchen without having to plan ahead with too many ingredients.
Thanks debs! I hope they turnout well for you too.
Hi Rachel, I am glad they turned out well for you. I bet they were just as good with simply cheese.
Wow Roger, that is so exciting! I will be trying that variation for sure! Nice site by the way.

mindy - Those do look fantastic, Gemma. I am consistently amazed that you can find energy after a long day to prepare such delectable and creative dishes.

gemma - Aw shucks Mindy, you’re the one gainfully employed. Thanks though.