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Return from hiatus with delicious muffins in tow.

Hello dear readers!  I am back in action after fixing my computer problems.  Thank you for sticking with me.  I have received many sweet emails asking if I am throwing in the kitchen towel on my blog, so to speak.  I am not. i have at long last been offered a well paying and challenging […]

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Joe - Glad to see you back posting – especially with a delicious looking muffin!

kasia - congrats on the job!
oh man do i love those muffins. looking forward to more delicious posts…

Evan Petrie - I love these muffins! Sarah has her final project presentation this coming weekend (she will be directing the Georgian choir she has been directing for the past few months at a public show) and we are having a few people come to visit (Sarah’s parents, Will and his girlfriend Meridel, Sarah’s friend Abby). We are planning to make these to share with our guests, so thank you!