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Chicago Tribune: Food Porn

Pro Bono Baker was featured in a Chicago Tribune article recently!  Also mentioned is one of my favorite Chicago food blogs Bunny Pie.  To read this article on food porn follow the link above or download the article below.  Thanks to Trine Tsouderos for putting together a great piece on one of my favorite hobbies! […]

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rachel - Congrats! How fun!

debbie carlos - aah! i had no idea it came out! its a great piece and i am so glad you are in it too! :)

Cavatelli Pasta with Morel and Asparagus Cream Sauce

John and I shared a lovely dinner with Mindy and Ken using the last of the morel mushrooms a few weeks ago. We walked over to Hyde Park Produce to purchase fresh pasta, asparagus, and ingredients for a cream sauce.  There are a multitude of things that I will miss about Hyde Park when my […]

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Esther - It is an amazing pasta salad and you have balanced it well with a chunky sauce.
{Cavatelli Pasta no doubt tastes best with wild mushrooms and duck, but with asparagus you could have added shrimps.
Asparagus, shrimp and cream could have suited best to the white wine pairing. I would be great if you could add the seafood element to it next time.

jenjen - this pasta looks great I have never this kind of shape before. I must try this recipe sometime Thanks!

Erielle - Where did you find cavatelli in Hyde Park?
P.S. I tried the pizza at Florian after reading your post awhile ago, and it was truly delicious! Usually I go for their curried chicken salad but now I will have to trade off between the two.

Dianka - Wow, you managed to use all of my most favorite ingrediants in one dish! Looks amazing!

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Wild Eats - Morel Mushrooms and Dandelion Greens

If you want to try them another way, here’s a recipe for Cavatelli Pasta with Morel and Asparagus Cream Sauce. It looks and sounds fantastic, despite my earlier ranting.

Wild Eats - Morel Mushrooms and Dandelion Greens

To some people, frying something this delicate (and expensive) is a sacrilege.

Tammy - This sounds like a great recipe, and I almost believe your promise of noninterference with the Morel taste! I’ll have to try this, despite my usual insistence upon nearly naked morels. Asparagus and cream sauce sound like perfect companions for morel mushrooms.