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Cashew Butter Cookies and Carrot Cake Cookies

My new office is having a cookie exchange tomorrow and I decided to try two new recipes for the occasion.  Nick and I went to stay with my parents this weekend and he helped me bake them in between decorating the Christmas tree and drinking hot spiced wine. The first recipe is from Martha Stewart […]

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gracie - These cookies are great! I just discovered awesome chocolate chip cookies on in her cafe section. Try them…they rock!

mindy - Looks yummy.

Dianka - Yum, looks delicious. And the carmel sauce is a must next time!!

Jen - How did you know I wanted to make cookies today? I love you so much. What synchrony!

Elizabeth - I LOVE those caramel cashew cookies. Next time, be sure to use the caramel. Divine!
Those carrot cake sandwich cookies look fantastic too…
I thought I was done baking for the week!

Poopycat - What a great idea–these sound yummy, and thanks for the recommendations. I do hate a cookie that falls apart.

Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

We have all most likely tried our hand at dozens of chocolate chip cookie recipes.  After many years of experimenting I have finally found my favorite recipe.  Eileen and Nick have helped me keep them in heavy rotation over the last couple of months.  Last Friday we had our first snowstorm in Chicago.  It wasn’t […]

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melissa_cookingdiva - They look delicious! A big hug from Panama…

mindy - Glad to have you back posting, Gemma.
Its funny that you just posted about chocolate chip cookie baking. I just bought a bag of chocolates and planned to do the same. With luck, your post will have inspired me to actually bake the cookies before I eat all of the candy!

mindy - Update:
I ate all the chocolate chips. Oops.

stephanie - I made these yesterday with my daughter. I was looking online for the recipe for the williams sonoma cookies. Someone made them for me and they were really good. My husband kept asking for this type of cookie but I couldn’t find the recipe online. I came across yours while searching. I haven’t actually seen the WS recipe so I have no idea how close your recipe is to theirs but I was really happy with the outcome. Thanks! I’m posting the results on my site with a link back here to the recipe.

acaiberrypills - good read bookmarked will return to read more posts

Q - We just opened a cafe in Krakow called More Than a Cookie. I was looking for related topics in Krakow and came across your post here. Next time in Krakow stop by

Return from hiatus with delicious muffins in tow.

Hello dear readers!  I am back in action after fixing my computer problems.  Thank you for sticking with me.  I have received many sweet emails asking if I am throwing in the kitchen towel on my blog, so to speak.  I am not. i have at long last been offered a well paying and challenging […]

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Joe - Glad to see you back posting – especially with a delicious looking muffin!

kasia - congrats on the job!
oh man do i love those muffins. looking forward to more delicious posts…

Evan Petrie - I love these muffins! Sarah has her final project presentation this coming weekend (she will be directing the Georgian choir she has been directing for the past few months at a public show) and we are having a few people come to visit (Sarah’s parents, Will and his girlfriend Meridel, Sarah’s friend Abby). We are planning to make these to share with our guests, so thank you!

Ting Pop

While I receive a number of emails concerning things that I post on Pro Bono Baker, one of the most popular topics is Ting pop.  I initially posted about my love of this pop when I reported on my yearly family vacation to Waupaca, WI last year. In an effort to assuage those of you […]

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Stef Noble - How could you NOT love a pop called Ting?
The name is enough for me. Great entry!

Brian Woodbridge - Just a note: Ting can also be found at Valley Liquor in DePere WI, but the owner confirmed that the company is running low on returnable bottles. I am wondering if some kind of cash infusion would buy them a few thousand more bottles! I love the stuff, and every single “kid-gathering” at our home is a direct run to the downstairs frig to grab some Ting. I think its made with real sugar…no high fructose corn syrup.

swee - Hi, I’m from Just Heavenly. I’d like to inform you that I’ve changed my blog to Please kindly update your links. Thanks :)

hatchetface - there is a soda in jamaica called “ting”. it is grapefruit flavored and not too sweet, similar to squirt.

LEO - Oh, TING! When I first started college in Appleton, WI we sold Ting at the campus coffee shop, and we would collect the bottles, presumably to be sent back to the company … I don’t remember if that ever happened or if they’re still sitting around collecting dust, got recycled, or what. Wow. I had completely forgotten about that stuff. Nostalgia!

mindy - Gemma.
I miss your baking!

Hoodia Desert Burn - Hoodia Desert Burn

Most all of the others are Desert burn is a hoodia

Mike Cohen - We have a family reunion in DePere on Fathers Day for the Matzke Family and for well over thirty years ice cold Ting has been the favorite drink for Kids and Adults.
I think we get it at the Valley liquor store, and we always return the bottles, but you have to be careful not to chip them with the opener.

Adam Johnson - I just called the Ting Bottling Company they told me that Ting is still going to be made, and all rumors of closing are false. They guy at wellers lives down the road from the shop you can usally see him cutting his grass in the morning. His grandfather started the store then his father and now him.

Adam Johnson - I kind of know the man who own wellers my mom went to school with his kids. Any questions just ask

Kay Taylor - I found some of these bottles at a garage sale near my home. I picked them up because we call my Grandmother “Ting”!! Then looked you up! I would love to get some of this Soda Pop!!!

Kelly - I am so sad. I went to Cas’s Liquor store and was informed that Ting is gone- no longer made and bottled. I asked for and did receive an empty bottle that I will put in a shrine to Ting. I grew up with Ting and had thoroughly indoctrinated my nephew and niece in the tradition of having Ting in the summer when they came up to visit. Now it is no more. The devastaTING news. Our visit is now TINGed with sadness.

gemma - That’s so sad! I was just up there and can confirm that Ting was no where to be found – Even at our old stand by Weller’s. The end of an era indeed.

Tammy Fisher - The owner got hurt in Europe and had to stop making it. He now has it up and running again. We get it every year for our reunion. I had the bottling co. call me if it came back. They actually did! I just got word that Village Beverage in Slinger, WI carries it. I did call them to confirm. IT’S TRUE!! Please return any empty bottles! We want more Ting! That stuff rocks!

Sandy - We lived in the UP of Michigan and looked forward to our birthdays so that we could get a case of TING! Loved it!

pak31 - When I was young, back in the 70’s, my family vacationed a few times in Iron River, MI. My fondest memory is Ting. The adults would go shopping and stock the fridge with Ting and me, my brother and sister and my 4 cousins couldn’t keep our hands off the stuff. I remember some of the flavors having cool names. I only had Ting a few times in my life back when I was between 5-8 years old and I’ll never forget it.

Birthdays and Broken Computers

Today is my 25th.  I had a lovely lunch at Lula Cafe with my mother, grandmother Schwab, and dearest friend Eileen.  This evening Nick and I are having dinner at the Green Zebra which I am very excited about returning to.  This will be a very delicious day indeed. My apologies for not posting recently.  […]

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JL - Happy birthday! Wishing you good food and tasty bread always!

evan petrie - I miss you Gemma! I hope that you had a great day yesterday!
With love,

jwj - Happy birthday. I love reading about all the wonderful foods you enjoy, knowing I’ll never try any of them – my loss for sure.