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IMBB #17: tasteTea: Matcha Pancakes with Matcha Yogurt Sauce & Matcha Soda Biscuits with Matcha-Ginger Butter

A La Cuisine is hosting this month’s IMBB and the theme is tasteTea. I am quite a fan of using tea in cooking and was very pleased to see this theme. Due to the events of late, I was expecting to have to miss this IMBB and was quite disappointed. However, my lovely friend Aviva […]

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Zarah Maria - Gemma, those pancakes look STUNNING!

Molly - I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of tea–blaspemy, I know!–but I can’t resist echoing Zarah Maria. Those pancakes are drop-dead gorgeous!

Antonietta - scrumptious looking pancakes!

keiko - Gemma, I’m glad you could participate and that you went for a matcha extravaganza too ;) I’ll definitely try the pancakes with yoghurt sauce, the combination sounds really intersesting. I love all of the pictures, they are lovingly captured.

boo_licious - Yummy pancakes! The yoghurt sauce sounds great too.

melissa - I love the color – so beautiful! I was so sorry to read about your mugging… I can imagine how scary it was and how frustrating it is to be without a camera so soon before your trip. I would probably search the ‘new and used’ sellers at amazon, perhaps looking for a camera that’s a little out of date but a good price. My backup camera is a Canon Powershot A80 with 4mp, and it does a fantastic job. Anyhow, glad you’re safe and good luck!

gemma - Thanks Zarah, I hope your vacation is going well!
Molly, while I like cooking with tea I can certainly understand why others might find it blasphemous. Thanks for the nice comments!
Thank you Antonietta!
Hi Keiko, I was worried that without a sweeter base the matcha would be overwhelming, but the flavor went superbly with the butter. Let me know how they work out for you if you try them. (And I suggest using crumpet rings. They took well to a little coaxing upwards).
Thanks boo_licous (What a fabulous name!)
Hi Melissa, thanks for the kind thoughts. Yes, I think second hand will definitely be the way to go. I have been sifting my way through Froogle and looking up certain cameras, I will do the same with the A80. Thanks for the suggestion!

tara - What fluffy perfection those pancakes are! I love using the molds, and making pillowy little cakes rather than thin silver-dollar sized ones. They look perfect with the sauce, but I’m sure they’d be equally delicious with a drizzle of honey.

J - hi gemma, what a gorgeous gorgeous spread! the pictures are stunning, and the flavour combinations utterly unique, especially the pancakes and yogurt…cheers,j

gemma - Ooh honey, great idea Tara! I too love the molds. They can make great things look even better.
thank you J! (though I think the term spread can only apply to your entry, amazing!) - Announcing Does My Blog Look Good In This.

Spittoon is to be the host for the August edition of the photo competition Does My Blog Look Good In This. To participate please email me your entries to arrive before the 24th August. The results will be posted here by the end of the month. Please inc… - Announcing Does My Blog Look Good In This.

Spittoon is to be the host for the August edition of the photo competition Does My Blog Look Good In This. To participate please email me your entries to arrive before the 24th August. The results will be posted here by the end of the month. Please inc… - Announcing Does My Blog Look Good In This.

Spittoon is to be the host for the August edition of the photo competition Does My Blog Look Good In This. To participate please email me your entries to arrive before the 24th August. The results will be posted here by the end of the month. Please inc…

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RIP: Canon Powershot s45

(me circa 2003) Some asshole mugged me last night and made off with, among other things, my treasured digital camera.  Our time together was short (a gift from my family this past winter), but I became quite attached.  I was finally starting to get the hang of all this macro-food-photo business too.  I am fortunate […]

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Anonymous - ohmigod. that’s so awful (and scary). i lurk around your blog and love it. so sad to hear this, but very happy that you are safe & sound. take care!

Melissa - Gemma, I am very happy you are well and alive. What a story…I live in Panama, Central America…althou it is beautiful and my family lives here, I read every day horror stories @ the local newspapers. I guess it is everywhere, but I thank G_d every day for my life…believe me :)
Back to the fun stuff—I purchased a new camera recently,…she is great, somehow we are in love :) It is the SONY Cyber-shot 7.2 mega pixels—slick, small, fantastic. Well this is all I have to say after only 1 week with her :) P.S. all I have to do now is READ the manual.

Alice - Oh, how terrible!! So sorry this has happened to you. I’m glad you are relatively unscathed. Losing the camera, though, what a loss!

debs - hey gemma,
i’m so sorry, that is terrible but i am glad you are ok. i use a fuji finepix s7000 and i love its super macro setting. its a 6 mp and i hear it also does a little better in lower light settings than other cameras. but those new slim sony’s with the big screens are sooo sexy. take care!

Vital Information - Wow, mugging, I’m glad it’s just a camera. Glad you around and bloggin’

J - hi gemma, that’s terrible! i’m currently saving up for a canon eos20d, which is not exactly wallet friendly, but which i’ve witnessed in action taking the most breathtaking photos – that, and a macro lens…

gemma - Thank you for all of the sweet words everyone! As I have mentioned to one of you already, it just seems to happen that everytime I meet an extremly rotten person or have something pretty nasty happen, something will quickly reaffirm to me that most people are actually very awesome and capable of such lovely things. Thanks for taking part in that reminder.
I’m fine, much more pissed off than hurt or scared. And once again, I know I am lucky. Anything can happen, watch your backs out there.
Thanks for the camera advice. Keep the suggestions coming. “Window shopping” online has been a great distraction this last day and a half when I should really be doing other things!

Zarah Maria - Oh dear. I only saw the first part of your post in my RSS feed and I thought Oh God, what happened?! I’m glad you’re okay – why oh why does people like that have to exist? ARGH! I’ll keep a look-out for any camera-offers…

clare eats - That is terrible!!! I am soo glad you are ok and not harmed and that you get a new camera soon!

keiko - Gemma – I’m so glad you are fine, although it was a terrible thing to happen. Hope you will find a camera you like soon…

santos - hi gemma–i’m glad you are okay as well. do take care and good luck on your camera search!

gemma - Thank you everyone! I will let you know how the camera search progresses, but meanwhile keep the suggestions coming as they have been valuable.

Nicky - Hi Gemma,
so sorry to hear what happened! Of course you keep thinking about the camera, but most importantly: You’re fine, that’s what really counts ;)
Regarding a new camera: I use a rather small digital all-rounder camera (Fuji 610), which does great macro shots and is small enough to fit in your jeans pocket. Despite its rather low price, the pictures are quite good. One of my colleagues just bought it – even though he owns already two digital SLRs…
Take care :)

Sweetnicks - That is horrible, but most importantly, I’m glad you’re ok. Have a wonderful vacation!

gemma - Hi Nicky and Sweetnicks. Thanks for your thoughts. The food blogger community is so thoughtful, so many excellent people.
Nicky, thanks for the advice. I have been looking around at the reviews, though it seems they don’t manufacture it in the states, but I will hopefully track one down. Is that what you use to take most of your pictures? Your photographs are stunning! Perhaps this would be better served in an email. . .
Thanks again you everyone.


I will be out of town for the next few days.  I am going to Waupaca, Wisconsin for our annual family vacation.  My parents have been going up to this chain of lakes since college.  It is quite beautiful and relaxing.  My brother took this picture of me there about two years ago.  He is […]

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Michele - Hi Gemma, lovely picture! Your trip sounds wonderful, have a great time. I’m insanely drawn to the idea of fried cheese curds.. Take a picture of those, will you? :)

Zarah Maria - That really is a gorgeous picture! Sounds like a nice place you’re going to too – mmm, pancakes!

Zarah Maria - And I forgot to say – very Audrey Hepburn! I just checked out your brother’s site, AMAZING pictures! You can be proud of him!:-)

gemma - I definitely will Michele, they are superb!
Thanks Zarah, he really is an amazing photographer, I will send the appreciation along to him.
Thanks for the well wishes you two, see everyone soon!

farmgirl - Fabulous picture! I love black & white photography. Hmmmm. It seems I’ve discovered your blog just as you skipped out of town. Guess that gives me more time to sift through your archives. Looking forward to your return. Hope you have/had a wonderful time!

keiko - Hi Gemma – I hope you are having a lovely time with your family. I can’t remember how, but I’ve actually been to your brother’s site before… great pictures! I’m glad you are making something with matcha too, I just hope I’ll have time to do it!

Antonietta - a classic b & w photo – it’s lovely! your brother takes amazingly beautiful pics. my sister in-law likes photography – this is her website

gemma - Hi farmgirl, keiko, and Antonietta. Thanks, I will pass on the nice comments to my brother. And wow, Antonietta, your sister’s photos are gorgeous!

Antonietta - thank you, i’ll let her know.:-)

6th Annual Feast of the Senses: Part 2

The second half of our evening at Feast of the Senses: The Marx-Saunders Gallery (230 W. Superior St.) hosted Wave restaurant of the W Hotel Chicago-Lakeshore. We spoke with Executive Chef Kristine Subido who was unfailingly welcoming and clearly proud of her work. And the fennel encrusted salmon with citrus and arak glaze we were […]

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jane - Gemma, even if I hadn’t already decided to move to Chicago, your food reviews and amazing photography (not to mention your cooking) would have swayed me. Your blog is fantastico.

tara - Once again, a lovely post. I’m thouroughly impressed with your eye for photojournalism styled food photography. You do a great job of capturing the moment, and still highlighting the food … which I will try not to salivate over, as it is an hour to lunch and my tummy is already growling!

gemma - Thanks Jane, I am so glad you will be moving here!
Tara, you make me blush with your sweet flattery. I am just beginning this journalism bit and I am quite enjoying it! Thank you so much for the encouragement!

thebizofknowledge - I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. A beautiful presentation really does enhance the dining experience. It’s unfortunate how many restaurants neglect this factor. Photos like these should be posted in every restaurant kitchen to remind staff that looks count!

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6th Annual Feast of the Senses: Part 1

The Chicago Art Dealers Association: Feast of the Senses.  Food, art & wine. Thursday, July 14th John and I met in river north to attend the sixth annual Feast of the Senses.  This was our first.  The proceeds from this event were used to benefit three not-for-profit organizations: Purple Asparagus, Common Threads, and Slow Food. […]

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tara - Pretty, pretty photography!

gemma - Thank you Tara, that is especially flattering coming from you with your clear photography talent.