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tart and roll

tart and roll Originally uploaded by dumin. Last night when I returned home from work I was in the mood to bake, but our supplies were limited. I always enjoy the occasions where I can concoct something delicious out of some random items. Last night was such an occasion. The picture didn’t turn out the […]

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Note: I've updated this popover post – find it here! This morning I made popovers for breakfast. They were delicious, airy, and eggy, but they didn't quite 'popover.' Last nite Mindy convinced me that to make a good popover one must have a popover tin (rather than subsituting a muffin tin). I now agree. The […]

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jane - Well done! I have to say, I have yet to work up the courage to try my hand at popovers, but my mother, who is a very accomplished cook and baker, has yet to make popovers that actually popover, so you’re in very good company. Your popovers look delicious.

gemma - Thanks Jane!
You should give them a try (that is, if you don’t mind that they don’t ‘popover’). They were very simple and quick as well.
I highly suggest using the batter for super rich pancakes too.
Does your mom use a popover pan? I am trying to figure out if that is the missing piece or if there are other major factors to focus on.

jane - I’m thinking about it, although I must say that every time you make something new it makes me want to try that, as well.
My mom has tried making popovers in everything from popover pans to muffin tins to miniature souffle dishes and small ramikins (don’t ask me why she thought that would work better than a popover pan) and has yet to succeed in making them popover. Some of us in the fam are beginning to think she’s doing it for comedic effect at this point.
She thought your popovers looked quite nice, though, and said that they popped quite a bit more than hers ever do.
I’ll let you know if mine work out.

John - These were fantastic. Not to gloat or anything, but I actually get to EAT most of this stuff.

gemma - Jane, I am hoping to buy a popover pan in the next week so I will do some experimenting and hopefully have more advice for you if you decide to undertake the popovers.
Has your mom tried adding a some light cheese (like a parmaesan). I don’t quite see how, but I have read that can help it pop. I haven’t tried this yet so I can’t say one way or the other.
John, I am glad you are enjoying my experiments. Unfortunately, you also have to try the things I screw up. At least that is rare. I suppose the worst part is having to wait two+ hours for breakfast sometimes. Thanks for being a good sport, I’m glad you feel compensated.

onion tart

Orangette’s piece on onion tarts had been making my mouth water for weeks.  Last night I was finally able to try my hand at the lovely creation.  Mine did not turn out as well, nor are my pictures as beautiful, but it made a fantastic dinner for my housemates and I look forward to trying […]

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Peter - I just had breakfast, but yer makin’ me hungry.
Cut it out.

gemma - I’ll make one for you sometime. I also want to try a tomato tart soon, so you could get in on that next time you come down to HP if we plan ahead.

Molly - Gemma, it looks gorgeous! And delicious! Thanks for trying it. I’m glad to see that the puff pastry worked well, and your mustard idea is a great variation. I do something similar for a roasted-tomato tart–I mix a bit of grainy mustard with a bit of creme fraiche and smear that over the crust before layering in roasted tomatoes. Hmmm…speaking of which, I’ll have to write about that tart when summer rolls around!

gemma - Oh, *blush*
Thank you Molly! It was a lovely recipe. Thank you for sharing it. A tomato tart is near the top of my ‘to bake’ list and I recently made some grainy mustards for baked pretzels. I will have to try mixing the mustard with creme fraiche, good idea! If only there were fresh tomatoes around. . .

panasianbiz - I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Onion tarts are a personal favorite of mine. When done correctly, they are outstanding and delicate and complex!

Rosemary and Almond Sourdough Gems

I was eager to use my sourdough starter and too impatient to make a traditional loaf, so I made Rosemary and Almond Sourdough Gems. They are based on the Sourdough Gem recipe from Lon Walters’ The Old West Baking Book. I gleefully noticed this book in a lodge gift shop this summer while on a […]

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Sourdough Starter

My sourdough starter: Freshly fed and happily active. This is a natural starter. I mixed 1 part unbleached bread flour to 1 part warm water and left it in a warm spot for about a week (after the first 2 days I covered it with clear film). Wild yeasts from the air will start to […]

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Melissa - Yes, looks good…and very happy too. Nothing compares to a happy sourdough starter :) Love it!

gemma - Thanks Melissa. It is a pleasure to have a happy starter. All cooking is a creative process, but watching something actually grow is amazing and quite rewarding.
You have have very neat site, I like it!

Vito - Well?
How did it work. I’m trying to find somone that has the different stages of starter online.
So far I am winging it .. I just need someone that can confirm what my starter should look like… ;)

gemma - Vito, if you follow the link in my post to the eGullet forums you will find the closest thing to a step-by-step guide to sourdough as I have found. Good luck! If it smells off or it becomes discolored (orange-ish, usually), try to spoon off and discard the bad stuff and refresh the starter. Hopefully the good bacterias will take over again. If this doesn’t work after the first try, it is generally best to throw out the starter and begin again.