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Venice, Italy

I spent the last few months traveling from London to Beijing. Here is a taste of one place we spent time. Follow the links to read about others. October 25th- 27th, 2005 After leaving the chestnut farm in France John and I spent a few days in Venice with my uncles from Chicago who were […]

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Laura - I’m so happy you enjoed Venice…
Here in Italy some years ago there was the “salgemma”, a typical kind of salt. So “Gemma” is a normal name for our salt…
Bye ! Laura

gemma - Venice was great Laura. I had no idea my name could refer to salt in Italian. That is a surprise! I suppose it is fitting, I enjoy salt more than most.

Laura A. - Hey Gemma,
I’ll be in London the last week in January, and just on the off-chance that you’ll be there, too, I thought I’d check…I’m glad your travels are going well!

Chef Melissa De Leon - Gemma, evething looks delicious, specially the cheeses and the olive strudel! Yum! Happy New Year, many hugs from Panama :)

Laura - Wow, I’ve found that:
“Salgemma, or sale di rocca: it’s a natural and poor product.
Salgemma (95% of the mining salt) preservs his natural integrity, and so is more valued than the normal industrial cooking salt.”
From here:
Bye !

shaz - you’re rite. those olive bread loaves look too good to be eaten. what a waste!
shaz a fellow food blogger

gemma - Thanks Melissa, Happy New Year’s to you too!
Hi Laura, thanks for the information. I’m glad it is good salt!
Hi Shaz, it really was too bad. Luckily there have been many other redeeming bakery experiences on our trip. I am currently in Russia enjoying some fantastic pies and breads. Mmm!

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Gemma Salt - I got a kick out of the salt named Gemma, as my name is Gemma Salt!! (I also live in the US)

Jaci - I keep getting your wed site for “Best Bread” in Venice. Maurao El Forner de Canton” I search for an address or where to find..Pleaes help me locate… I get hungry everytime I see the picutes and discriptions. Going to Venice for 9 days in Mid April. Thanks

gemma - Mmm, I wish I was going back to Venice. Here is some information for you Jaci — I don’t know which address is correct, but Venezia isn’t too big (Strada Nova sounds right to me though):
El Forner de Canton (Grocery and Bakery)
S. Polo, Venezia: Centro Storico
ruga Vechia S. Giovanni No. 603
El Forner de Canton (Grocery and Bakery)
Cannaregio, Venezia: Centro Storico
Strada Nova No. 3845

Caroline - Um…. WOW. What a trip.

Venice Travel Guide - Hmm, nice information about Venice bakeries.

Gemma - It really was amazing Caroline! I’m tempted to do it again, but I should really be saving money at this point in life.
Thanks Venice Travel Guide, though this is probably a bit out of date at this point.

Ardèche, France

I spent the last few months traveling from London to Beijing. Here is a taste of one place we spent time. Follow the links to read about others. October 18th- 24th, 2005 We are enjoying our last week in Kraków, Poland.  Our time has gone fast here.  It is sad to be leaving and I […]

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keiko - Gemma – gorgeous pictures! I enjoyed staying in Krakow too, it was such a beautiful place. I hope you both have a wonderful christmas and new year. Take care.

Hasnaa - Hi Gemma and John!!
Hope you’re both spending good times in eastern Europe. Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year for both of you!! I can see that it’s been a very interesting baking trip for you Gemma, as you wanted it to be!! Very Important: you have to know that your pictures are so perfect that they make people want to taste the meals you show us no matter what!!
Bonnes fêtes!!

gemma - Thank you Keiko, it is always so flattering to hear that you enjoy my pictures. Krakow has been so much fun. We are leaving today after 6 weeks. I wish I could stay! I will post about it as time allows.
Hi Hasnaa, I’m sorry I haven’t returned your email! Happy Holidays to you and JJ. I will write you soon.

Garmisch, Germany

I spent the last few months traveling from London to Beijing. Here is a taste of one place we spent time. Follow the links to read about others. October 14th- 17th, 2005 A while back we visited my friend Thom in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany after spending a bit of time in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I met Thom, […]

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melissa_cookingdiva - Although all your photos are fantastic, the spirulina roll is my favorite! Happy Holidays and Hugs from Panama :)

gemma - Thanks Melissa! It was a gorgeous little roll. I hope you are warm in Panama. We leave cold Krakow today for even colder St. Petersburg!

Nicky - Dear Gemma,
Glad you liked Bavaria! I haven’t been to Garmisch for some years now, but really enjoyed every stay in the past… Talking about Käsespätzle (or Kaasspatzn), we just had a big bowl of them yesterday… with another big bowl of salad… I love them! Enjoy your trip and a very happy 2006 to both of you :)

gemma - Hi Nicky, I really loved Bavaria. The food, the people, and the land–It was beautiful. I hope I can return for a longer visit one day. Happy New Year’s to you as well!

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Cookie Swap SHF/IMBB: Sesame-Butter and Oatmeal No Bake Cookies

The SHF and IMBB events have teamed up to bring us a cookie-swap.  This event should leave everyone with plenty of sweet ideas for the holiday season. Sadly, our place in Kraków has no oven.  I have been at more of a loss with cooking that I expected.  The bright side is that I am […]

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mindy - I would have never thought to try no-bake cookies. They sound pretty good.
My mom used to have a no-bake chocolate cake recipe that she learned during her all-female college days. I’ll see if I can get it from my aunt and send it to you. That might be fun to try while you’re stuck all oven-less.

michele - Hi Gemma, Im sorry to hear that you dont have an oven. I can relate, as I am still ovenless in my apartment too! I keep trying to find workaround desserts to make so Im impressed with your no-bake cookies. I hope you are enjoying your time in Krakow!

grad student hack - I love coming to blogs like this, feeling a little snacky and finding the perfect recipe. I have all the ingredients on hand and am going to go make some cookies to fuel my essay marking jag.
Can I also say that your trip is pretty much my dream trip?! I absolutely love Eastern Europe (okay, all of Europe) and have been to alot of the places you have been in recent weeks. Didn’t make it to Poland because of the visa process being too long for us, but will go next time. Have fun!

gemma - I am glad I could help. Small food diversions have helped me through many an all-night essay writing session.
I am having a great trip. These past few weeks have been especially amazing. I highly suggest Poland next time you have a chance to travel in this area. It is a lovely place in the winter too.
Good luck with the thesis!

Laura - Gemma, when do you return? I am going to be in London the last week in January and would love to see you if by coincidence you are also there :)

Jaay - oh how cool!! I have a recent post featuring boiled oatmeal cookies..basically the same recipe, except I used peanut butter, which I’m sure is probably what your original recipe called for.
That’s so neat tho =)

gemma - Hi Laura, We return on Feb 1st, but we are unfortunately leaving from Beijing rather than London. It would have been fun to see you in another new place though!
Hi Jaay, yes, many of the recipes I looked at before making these called for peanut butter. I am glad you too made and enjoyed something similar.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

I spent the last few months traveling from London to Beijing. Here is a taste of one place we spent time. Follow the links to read about others. October 11th- 14th, 2005   A few days ago we arrived in Kraków, Poland where we will be settling in for a month and a half.  This […]

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Shammi - You two look like sisters! :) Very pretty!

melissa - Yes, you look like sister indeed! I LOVE Copenhagen, it is one of my very favorite cities :) Have a wonderful time…

melissa - I hope you had a great Thanksgiving day and are enjoying your trip very much! Hugs,

gemma - Aww, thanks. It is a compliment to be compared to such a lovely lady.
Melissa, Copenhagen was great. I wish I could have seen more of Denmark, it seems like such a charming place. Next time. .
Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes. We spent it here in Krakow and enjoyed a lovely invitation to a Chicago-born Krakow businesswoman’s home for the holiday. It was lovely.

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